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Sitting in a league of his own, South-East London based musician Theodor Black has been hailed as the next creative force within the UK underground alternative rap scene. With his knack of production which oozes with late-night rap, plucking guitars and a touch of jazz, his poetic lyricism is a staple within his introspective and unparalleled style of work. 


As he bounced early onto the scene with The Reservoir Music collective, he draws inspiration by the likes of Archy Marshall or Jeshi as he speaks on his unique experiences as being a young black male in the city and how he navigates through life, layered with lethargic riffs and hip-hop beats. His debut EP “Black Boy Blues” in 2018 helped propel him to his now most streamed song ‘SUB CULTURE’ taken from his 2020 EP GARÇON which saw him mould cinematic elements as he portrayed the film ‘La Haine’ in his visualiser, as well as speaking on systematic racism and police brutality. His unapologetic reflection of himself through his music shows us an inner-perspective and raw emotion through a distinct sound and intimate lyrics that intrigues us, and caught the attention of i-D, The Fader, The Face, Highsnobiety and Noisey.


With his most previous project GARÇON a stripped back portrayal of his life experiences, the project not only marked a new era for Theodor Black but also showed us his unmatched versatility. Displaying a range of textures and sounds, GARÇON is said by Theodor Black himself that it’s refined and mature compared to his previous bodies of work whereas latest single ‘LOOP’ explores contemplative thoughts over melodic sounds that provide a relatable listening experience, which is what Theodor Black does best. 


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