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Sultry, positive, underground, intricate are just a few words to describe Nadine El Roubi. A new face on the music scene, her journey only started in 2018. Heavily influenced by hip-hop, lo-fi, pop and alternative music, Nadine has a fresh perspective with a strong aura. As a rapper, singer and songwriter, she showcases her delicate and stunning vocal range which has helped pave her way through the underground music scene within the MENA region.


Nadine grew up in Virginia, USA, but moved back to her native Sudan at the age of 10, and was always surrounded by music; her DJ father was taking her to clubs since she was four. Always finding ways to perform through talent shows, learning piano, singing, Nadine gradually found her unique style which lead her to perform in Dubai through Female First Sessions, all the way to performing in Saudi Arabia’s MDLBeast. Going on to join the creative collective The C!rcle, a hip-hop group which connects talent across the world through their Sudanese heritage, she opened for Dreamville artist Bas. From featuring with Iraqi-Canadian rapper Narcy & Odissee, writing regular articles for Cairo Scene, being on an episode of Buckle-UP with Big Hass, Nadine has already taken big steps in her career.

Now embarking on a solo career, Nadine is fearless with experimenting with her music. Her most recent track, ‘After Everything’ combines elements of RnB and Lo-Fi and speaks on intricacies of past relationships, whilst her last collaborative track ‘Down 2Nite’ with The C!rcle and YK is a funk-inspired anthem. We expect to see more within her next project Triplicity, where her curation of singles will flow through a variety of genres. From her base in Cairo, Nadine explores the Egyptian music scene, allowing herself to connect with artists, and to express herself through her lyrics and beats where she’s proud to be a woman shining in the scene.


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