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DJ/producer and songwriter Megatronic has been immersed within the music scene for over 20 years, fortifying her unmatched talent and know-how around the industry. From songwriting and playing guitar at the age of 17, by the time Megatronic was in her mid-20s she had formed the group Black Cherry, a British/French electro pop band and went on to tour the world playing for stages at Glastonbury Festival, SXSW, Balaton Sounds Festival and V Festival. Balancing sounds sounds within house, disco, electronic, afro & Latin rhythms, tropical beats and arabic melodies. Megatronic displays colourful and modern beats amongst melodic flows and sounds. 


After deciding to move into the DJing scene in 2013 in which she mixes a variation of beat selections, Megatronic dived headfirst into the club scene and eventually went on to move to the Middle East in 2016 in which she allowed herself to completely immerse herself in the music and culture, striving to become an integral part of the male-dominated alternative club scene within the region.


As an avid activist in ensuring womxn have more of a space on male-dominated line ups, Megatronic has decided to make it her mission to enrich creative and musical spaces with equality. In 2018, with the help from some friends Megatronic launches Femxle First Sessions; a platform that was designed to empower, encourage and elevate talented womxn by giving them a space to be seen, heard and express their creativity. FFs still live on under the new name Femme Fest and now is condense into a yearly festival. By taking her life experience that she has garnered through being in the industry, Megatronic is ensuring that the next generation of talented artists can reach their full potential.

Megatronic, monthly shows on Worldwide Fm called Global Music Movement. The passion behind the show concept is reflected in what is happening right now in this region, with the reimagining of Swana musical heritage. 


With increasing levels of different music scenes being developed in this region, outside interest is slowly expanding. Most of these scenes are growing from the surrounding social and political agendas that the people fundamentally disagree with. One of the most predominant ways that people have chosen to express themselves and explain different struggles is through musical & art fibres that elevate the voices of the cities, the people and their experiences.  


The growing voices continue to generate and build strength within these communities. As these voices amplify, they are bringing attention from the rest of the world and a demand to be taken seriously.  


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