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FemmeFest is a hybrid festival that celebrates
female identifying SWANA Artists and Musicians
by forms of collaboration. The experience is an audio/visual journey, rave, and educational movement.

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Stravos Antypas

 //founder of Tawahadna & Creative Activist

Storyteller of film and designer of immersive experiences.

His passion is to create the positive change that is required in our communities.

His goal is to educate through creativity and shed light on the positivity that SWANA has to offer as creative leaders in our diverse society.

 //founder & festival architect

Global Citizen, a culture producer, DJ and a music enthusiast specialising in conversations and music trends from around the world. Creating Femme Fest from the ashes of the popular Dubai based platform Female First Sessions. Megatronic continues to elevate the creative community and create bridges between the different cultural groups.

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Dima Tattan

 //partner at Tawahadna & Creative Director

A Voice for third culture identities in the SWANA region. A creative with a knack for slick design. Architect by degree, urban designer by profession and an Artist by passion.

Dima’s goal is to start a family of emerging artists that would eventually become a regional conglomerate relatable identities and inspirational figures.


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Guest DJs

Femme Fest is proud to welcome an international line up of talented femxle DJs.

Live Performances

Don't miss our selection of musicians ready to deliver breath-taking performances.
A showcase of what women have to offer in the music industry. 

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Audio Visual

To compliment the auditory experience and performances, digital-visual artists are commissioned to create an immersive
experience to stimulate the overall
audio-visual journey.


Femme Fest is thrilled to welcome you in our space carefully curated to enhance your experience of all the talent involved with the event. From Dj Sets, to performances, workshops, talks and exhibits, we have enough to keep you locked in this celebration of femxle creatives in the music industry.

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