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A LatinX powerhouse, Desta French has emerged from the growing London music scene, proudly flaunting her Latin American heritage with an unmistakable London attitude. Having grown up in Camden Town to immigrant Colombian /Italian parents, Desta’s music is a blend of RnB, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Soul, which culminate in her own distinctive sound. A passionate performer and songwriter, her position in the U.K. scene is unique. She is the first U.K. born LatinX artist to have an entirely Spanish song played on BBC Radio, supported by prominent tastemakers like DJ Target and Jamz Supernova, and even included as an 'artist to watch' on Tim Ferris's legendary Mailing list just last month. 

Desta’s debut track ‘Shame’ would have been your first introduction to her world. She was invited onto the popular Colors show to perform, shortly after the release of her very first single, and at a time when the platform was notorious for showcasing new and independent talent. Her performance has now been watched over 2 million times. Having organically grown her Spotify to 70,000 listeners a month she shows no sign of slowing down, as her sound and direction become distinct and clear. 


Desta represents her culture not only through her music, but also her newly created cultural platform ‘Bonita’ formed with fellow Colombian-born producer Alma De La Selva. It focuses on highlighting alternative Latin culture, from the musical golden era, that of the diaspora, and more. 2021 saw the start of their regular club and live music events, as well as their monthly slot on Soho Radio.


Her most recent body of work 'Bendecida' shows her flair in blending Spanish and English language with the flavours of hip-hop, cumbia, Afrobeat and R&B. All of this is done in a way that is unique to Desta’s writing style and artistic approach. In the EP, she strives to explore themes of faith, romance, and cultural identity, as well as her relationship with the Matriarchs who raised her. She is currently carving out a South American tour, as well as working on her most exciting music release to date. Although she has achieved much in a short space of time, for Don Desta, she feels that her journey has only just begun.


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