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After spending years carefully curating his own distinctive sound, DEMIGOSH is now proudly releasing music as a solo artist. The decisive move from Dublin to East London to pursue his career struck a fire in his work that is representative in his truthful identity, exploration of his Nigerian Yoruba roots and politically charged lyrics. He flows easily between English and Yoruba, presenting a vision of afro-futurism, abstract sounds and deep cuts.


His start with London-based, Afro-Irish collective Blackfish, and an indie band The Notas, allowed him to experiment with fusing his vibrant heritage with western influences to create a contemporary blend he is now known for. In January 2020, he joined psychedelic-alternative rock band Shadeemus, furthering his exploration of identity while still performing solo. This collaboration within performance and music allows him to remain in tune with cultural identity that is simultaneously personal yet universal.


His most recent releases see DEMIGOSH providing vocals on the house-tech on track ‘Doors’ as he features with Moiré whereas his latest solo track ‘L.D.M.F’ shows off an experimental sound intertwined with hip-hop and bursts of ethereal-sounding vocals. An all-round artist, DEMIGOSH’s visuals are on par to present his abstract and deep thoughts.


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